Welcome to Cordwells Group - Cordwells Concrete

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 is a family-owned & operated business producing sand, aggregates and concrete, since 1965. Since then we have branched into other sections including Ailort Haulage, Cordwell Resources including Kin Kin Quarry, Farming, Cordwells Maintenance, the Training Centre & QCTesting.

Cordwell’s are certified for our continual improvement & un-compromised commitment in the areas of Environment, Quality and OHS.

Cordwells Vision – Through our employee’s input and cooperation with management our company will continue to supply superior product and service.
Cordwells Mission – To set the highest company benchmark in work quality, customer satisfaction and loyalty through exemplary work ethics from our qualified & experienced professional team; and to deliver projects on time, in budget, every time.

To allow everyone quick access to our integrated management system documentation we have developed SOP (safe operating procedures) app through power apps. We use chemalert for our SDS (Safety Data Sheets).

All the emergency contact numbers can be found clicking the assigned RED button through the SOP app. You will find the contact numbers of section managers and emergency numbers. Store these numbers in your phone for when needed.

Have you heard of the emergency plus app? Download it from play store. It’s a great app to assist you should an emergency occur, where you are not sure of your location.

The communication procedure advises the UHF call up channels for sites