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Annual Safety Awareness Training

Welcome to annual safety awareness training. In this course we recap information covered in your induction and will explore your job position and hazards and risks relating to your job position further. This will help you know and understand the hazards and risks associated at work.


Every workplace has hazards. Simply put, a hazard is anything (including work practices or procedures) that has the potential to harm the health and safety of a person. 

  • To get started, in the course content area, click the job title that applies to you. 
  • If you don’t see a job title that applies to you. Click the arrows at the bottom of the course content area then read the lesson and the excel given
  • Return to this page, and using the arrows at the bottom of the page, go to the last section and click on the lesson called “Annual Safety Form” And fill out the form. 

If you are a supervisor of your section please complete – SUPERVISOR