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Fire Training 2017


Online annual induction training will be commencing in the next few weeks. You will receive and email and be required to log-in and complete the training, followed by a short test. Progress is tracked and training team is immediately notified when you have completed. This needs to be done asap after receiving. Thanks


Reminder – No equipment, including extension boards/ cords should be being disposed of without first advising a management person. The testing tag for that item needs to be brought the office if it has been decided the item is being disposed of. By following this procedure, we will keep on top of test and tagging allowing a smoother operation for all.

Keep services of vehicles up to date and complete mandatory daily pre departure checks correctly. You are signing that you have completed this check.

Be sure the truck is equipped with all the requirements of the job you are going to and that you yourself are also wearing the correct uniform for the job site.

If your licence has been renewed and the office does not have an up to date copy please ensure we get one. Check if you are not sure.

When disciplinary action may be required – At Cordwells (as per information when you were inducted) neglectful or disrespectful behaviour will be dealt with initially with a verbal informal correction, secondly a formally recorded letter will be issued having been brought to the attention of WHSE rep and as a last resort to a reoccurring issue disciplinary actions may at the managements discretion result in, but not be limited to, work suspension.


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